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2 Hour Magic, illusion & Disco Party

Perfect for ages from 5 to 8 years old

One of mr lolly’s amazing family team will arrive around 20 to 30 minutes beforehand to set up the Magic & Illusion & Disco Party show and will be ready to start the party before the guests arrive.

As the children arrive the entertainer will start with some music, giant bubbles, disco flashing lights, games and dancing to create a nice party disco atmosphere, then it’s on with the show.

The two hour magic, Illusion & disco show will have a mix of magic and fun with music, games, dancing, plate spinning and bubbles, with a dancing competition and a more disco feel to the party with lots of coloured spinning lights and more disco dancing & games with More Cooler & Clever magic tricks to give the WOW! Factor such as sword through the neck, the shrinking head illusion and Some Amazing sleight of hand magic and many more amazingly cool magic tricks.

here at lollypop parties we all have a range of different illusions that we use on the day subject to the ages of the children and your party entertainer.

After one hour of party entertainment the children are more than ready for a break.

The entertainer will sit the children down for tea after the first hour of the party, once the children have finished eating we will help you sing Happy Birthday with the cake. Then it’s back for music, disco dancing, games, bubbles and amazing plate spinning.

A Lollypop Parties show would not be complete without a Lollypop for all the boys and girls at the end of the party.

From the start of the party to the very end “At lollypop parties we always like to make the birthday boy or girl feel very special.”

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Children’s Parties

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“I put a very sleepy ‘mermaid’ to
bed after her party and asked her
what the best thing had been
about her birthday, the reply was
instantly Mr Lolly!”

Emma Forbes

“We have had entertainers every
year now for the past six and
I don’t think I have ever seen the
children have so much fun…
thanks so much.”

Rachele Whitney



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